Diet, Nutrition & Fitness. Learn to achieve the Healthiest & Fittest version of yourself!
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Diet, Nutrition and Fitness. Learn to achieve the Healthiest & Fittest version of yourself!

Eat Better.

Look Better.

Live Better.

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You deserve a gorgeous life full of Vitality & Wellness...
Follow me on a journey to becoming the healthiest & fittest version of yourself!
Plant-Based diets prevent diabetes, heart disease and obesity

Welcome to my world of Health, Fitness, and Plant-Based Wellness, Beautiful People!

My name is Rachelle Caves. I’m a Plant-Based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, & Certified Personal Trainer. Pretty much, I'm a “wellness enthusiast” or a “health junkie.” I live and breathe nutrition and fitness. And, I practice what I preach. I absolutely love motivating wellness-seekers like yourself to take charge of your life & health through what you eat, how you move, and what you think!

Check out my Blog for rockin' information on topics including: Health and beauty benefits of certain foods & beverages, fitness tips, and healthy thinking!

Eat Better. Look Better. Live Better.
Radiate from within!

Anti-Aging Foods and Beverages: Glow from the Inside Out

Healthy on the inside looks beautiful on the outside. Let me just say - it’s okay to want to look your best! We are biologically drawn to others who have a vibrant and glowing appearance, because they look healthy. Follow my guidelines to glow from the inside out! Learn to choose the anti-aging foods and beverages that promote beautiful, younger-looking skin, healthier hair, and a lean toned body.

The major benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet are the Health & Beauty promoting effects.

A little bit of vanity does a body good! Use the desire to look your best and reverse aging as the driving force to eat healthier. I will show you how following a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet meal plan can help you lose body fat, look your best, and attain excellent health!

Respect your body enough to change what goes inside of it. It will thank you by giving your beauty and health a boost. It just so happens that beauty-boosting foods are health-boosting foods that repair & protect the body at a cellular level.

 Vibrant Plant-Based Superfoods:
The Key for Beauty, Health, and Weight Loss

Plant-Based Phytonutrients: Anti-Aging Foods

My Philosophy in a Pretty Little Nutshell...

Base your diet upon a rainbow of healthy, fiber-rich food to promote optimal weight loss, beauty, and health!

Colorful, plant-based foods rock.  They actually help you glow & look attractive from the inside out.  What do I mean when I say, "plant-based?" Glad you asked. A plant-based or "Vegan" diet is one comprised of, well...only plants!  In order to really take your health, waistline, and physical appearance to the next level, it's essential to base your diet around these foods. The more, the better. Even if you eat animal protein, this still applies.

Most importantly, a healthy plant-based diet is based upon real foods that are naturally colorful and nutrient-rich, such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and high-fiber whole grains. Then throw in some anti-aging beverages like Green tea. All of these foods protect our skin, cells, and every other part of our body from age-promoting damage.

The bright colors found in fruits and vegetables indicate the presence of disease-fighting phytonutrients. In addition to helping us look beautiful from the inside out, these phytonutrients and antioxidants protect the body from chronic disease such as cancer, inflammation, heart disease, premature aging, and many more.

The message here is exciting - You hold the power over your health through what you choose to eat!

In order to lose weight and achieve excellent health, consume a predominantly plant-based diet comprised of high-fiber, colorful foods every single day!

- Colorful Plant Power-
Benefits of following my recommendations:

  • Healthy weight (body fat) loss

  • Exceptionally high nutrient intake for optimal energy & metabolism

  • Beautiful, glowing skin and clearer complexion

  • Protection against free radical damage

  • Prevention against chronic disease, including: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Inflammation, and Premature Aging

  • Smoother-digestive tract & Decreased risk of colon cancer

  • Better body "odor" (this one is funny - but, have you ever noticed people in the gym who follow a high animal protein diet emitting an ammonia-like smell? This won't be you)

  • Lean Muscle building, resulting in a better metabolism and a toned body!

Phytonutrients are non-negotiable!

As I mentioned above, phytonutrients, or “phytos,” as I call them, are the epitome of nutrient-density. They are sometimes referred to as "phytochemicals." The prefix “phyto” actually means plant. Phytos are plant compounds that protect our body from the inside out.

These little miracle workers scavenge harmful, age-promoting free radicals and neutralize them, thereby destroying their ability to harm the body. These special and protective nutrients are only found in plant-based foods.

My dietary and nutrition recommendations call for a high intake of phytonutrients. When you work with me, you'll learn to flood your body with these powerful plant compounds.

By eating and drinking a nutrient-dense & colorful diet, we arm ourselves with ultra-protection against disease & aging.

The Result:  glowing skin and a lean, clean body.

One Step at a Time! 

Here me out - You don't have to go full-throttle plant-based. You can improve your health and looks by just adding in some of these superfoods.  By simply increasing your intake of nutrient-dense, healthy plant-based foods, you will start to feel better, look better and live better. That's why I'm here - I'll show you how to do this! 

Weight Loss for Good: Quality over Quantity

Lose Weight Naturally. Save your metabolism and stop counting calories!

I've helped countless individuals lose weight - specifically body fat. One of my guiding principles for long-term weight loss is - you don't have to count calories to lose weight! It drives me nuts when health practitioners recommend strict calorie counting to clients in need of weight loss. Restricting and counting calories is a lousy way to live. It comes with a host of awful side effects, both physically and mentally. Work with me to naturally lose body fat through increasing your intake of high-fiber and nutritionally-dense foods - - without ever counting a calorie!

Here are some unpleasant side effects of Low Calorie & Low-Carbohydrate Diets:

  • Slower metabolism than you started out with...

  • Bad breath

  • Loss of lean muscle mass which can result in the unhealthy "skinny fat" phenomenon

  • Constant thinking and obsessing about food all day long (Do you like giving your power away? I sure don't)

  • Depletes your body's innate ability to recognize when it's full (luckily this can be relearned)

  • Grants you the ability to gain weight, often easily and rapidly, when deviating slightly from the plan

Doesn't sound too glamorous, does it?

Don't worry - you'll be getting the opposite of those things when you work with me! When you switch your focus to eating high-quality, high-fiber, functional foods, you achieve optimal health and weight with ease.  This simple but extremely powerful concept liberates you from constantly thinking and obsessing about food and its numerical value. The result is natural weight loss and health. 

When you take control of your health (and subsequently excess weight) through learning how food interacts with your metabolism & hormones rather than placing a number on it, your entire life changes for the better.

Change your mindset - Stop Dieting!

Think of food and beverages as nourishment - this is the key to long-term weight loss. I'll show you how to adopt a positive and constructive view of food in order to help keep weight off for good. When you focus on adequate nutrient intake, nature takes care of itself. 

When you "diet" in the traditional sense - you think of numbers. Fat grams, calories, etc. Let's cut the bull. The components in food that protect your body while keeping it at a healthy weight stretch father beyond the food label than you can imagine! 

Nourishment at a cellular level, achieved with a high-nutrient diet, stops hunger naturally.

Change your view of food

By focusing on eating an abundance of health-promoting foods each day, you:
-Lose weight naturally
-Balance your hormones
-Positively alter your body's metabolic response to food
-Physically look your best

Exercise: Protection from Heart Disease, Diabetes, and a Flabby Butt!

Shape your body and Gain countless Health Benefits.

Physical activity is incredible. Workouts, just like a colorful diet, are a non-negotiable component in achieving  health and beauty mastery. Exercise has outstanding physical and mental health benefits.

Exercise is another tool that protects your body from aging, disease, and...flabbiness. If protection against heart disease doesn't excite you, then use protection against a flabby butt to get you moving! 

In either case, I'll show you how to best work your body without spending hours in the gym. Most of us have little time to spend working out – and that is more than okay. Once you implement my dietary recommendations & incorporate more colorful plants, you'll start to see amazing body changes. Then, you can maximize workouts in a relatively short period of time and create the body of your dreams.

Plant-Based Fitness: You can indeed get Lean and Ripped!

Eating a diet high in fiber-rich, plant-based foods by itself yields remarkable changes in body composition. When trying to lose weight, it's essential to build lean muscle tissue to keep your metabolic rate pumping!  This is where my workout plans come in to help.

Take it from me, attaining lean muscle on a plant-based diet is very much possible! Engaging in effective exercise that promotes lean muscle growth coupled with a high-nutrient, plant protein intake is a surefire way to lean up and keep your metabolic rate firing.

Get Healthy
Get Fit.
Believe you can do it!
Getting a beach body is easier than you think!

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