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Lose weight & Look your very best: Nutrition Counseling, Meal Plans, Cleanse and Detox Diets


Telephone & Virtual Nutrition Counseling
Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans
Cleanse and Detox Diet Plans

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

Nutrition Consulting for a Lean & Healthy you!

During a nutrition consult, learn how to eat to achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

Nutrition services offered include nutrition therapy via one-to-one consultations for:

  • Weight loss, Body fat loss

  • Prevention and management of: Diabetes, Prediabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease

  • Improving overall health & well-being

  • Improving athletic ability and Lean muscle building

  • Attaining a glowing, healthy skin complexion

telephone & virtual nutrition consulting

Let’s face it - everybody is busy!  I conveniently offer nutrition consultations via telephone. I can help you achieve your goals wherever you are around the world! You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive an abundance of health-building information. 

Diet Plans: Detox, Cleanse, Weight Loss Plans

Want to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle? Contact me regarding my hand-crafted cleanse plans. I created them with your ultimate health and beauty in mind.

Detailed meal plans are available upon request after initial consultation.

 Prices: nutrition consultations

Initial Consultation   
Length: 60 Minutes - Price: $120.00

Follow-Up appointment (recommended every 1-2 weeks initially)            
Length: 30 minutes  - Price: $60.00

Nutrition Consulting Packages

One month Jump-Start Plan - $270.00
Includes: 1 Initial Session & 3 Follow-Up Sessions

Get a free 24-Hour detox with purchase of the One-Month Package!

One of my most popular packages is the one month plan. With this package, we consult via telephone for an initial one-hour session. After I obtain all pertinent subjective and objective information, we create clear-cut diet and nutrition goals for you to achieve.

Checking in with me is incredibly helpful for staying on track with your goals.

You then check in with me for the next three weeks to determine how you are progressing with your goals and game-plan how to overcome the inevitable barriers that emerge. I continuously provide additional tips and tricks for beautifying yourself from the inside out straight from my wellness vault!

All-Star Nutrition Packages

6 Appointments -  $370.00
1 Initial session & 5 Follow-Up sessions

12 Appointments - $660.00
1 Initial session & 11 Follow-Up sessions

Benefits of Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition consults are invaluable. They provide accountability for you to reach your goals and the chance to work with a mentor during your journey.

Whether you want to lose weight, exhibit better skin and hair (beautify yourself from the inside out), or have a specific medical condition that requires a diet overhaul, nutrition consults will undoubtedly help.My role here is strictly positive - I educate, support, and encourage. 

Accountability: You will undoubtedly have better results the more we work together. It's simple - the more we consult, the more you stay on track with your goals. Clients consistently report that frequent follow-ups yield better success and goal achievement. I'm here only to support & motivate you - never to instill blame or guilt for not reaching a goal.

Determine what's holding you back: During your nutrition counseling session, we get down to the root cause of weight and health issues. This is not always an easy task. It's essential you have the utmost support & understanding while navigating through the emotions related to food, weight and health conditions.

Eat from the full color spectrum & Revitalize yourself!
Learn to lose weight, get in shape, and protect your body from chronic health ailments !

Learn to lose weight, get in shape, and protect your body from chronic health ailments !

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