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Toned Triceps, anyone?

Hello there, Beautiful People!

Today’s post shows you how to complete a simple yet effective exercise for a notorious problem area in many people…the triceps (back of the arm)!

While I personally don’t love working my tri’s, I find this exercise to be simple and effective enough that I actually want to do it. And, the only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells – no gym or fancy equipment needed. I’m all about toning up without having to go to the gym.

Additionally, this particular exercise is an excellent example of muscle recruitment. Notice in the picture below my legs, glutes, and abs are engaged. Because of my stance, I’m working multiple muscles at once which yields better results. If I was sitting down on a bench doing a tricep exercise, I’d only be working the itty-bitty tricep muscle and my legs and glutes wouldn’t be able to join the party.

Okay, on to the move. The picture below represents the starting position.

Easy Tricep Dumbbell Exercise.jpg

The Move: Standing Tricep Kickbacks using both arms

What you'll need
: Pair of dumbbells

Grab a set of dumbbells you feel comfortable using – a weight that is challenging enough, yet enables you to complete the full range of motion for the exercise. I personally use 5 pounders for this move, because it requires both arms.

How To:

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding dumbbells in each hand.

2. Lower down into a semi-squat position, slightly sticking your butt out behind you. Don’t let your knees lean past your toes. Your head should be aligned with your spine. Keep your core muscles engaged the entire time. Keep both arms parallel to and close to your torso. Do your best to bend both elbows to 90 degrees.

Note, you should also feel this move in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes while you remain in the exercise position.

3. Extend/Straighten both arms back until elbows are straightened. Think about the muscle you’re working and really feel the tricep contracting. Keep your upper arms and torso in the same spot while you extend your arms back.

4. Slowly lower arms back down to starting position.

Aim to complete 3 sets of 8-12 reps 2-3 times per week!

Thanks for tuning in. Check out this Bicep-Toning exercise to keep your arms as sexy as can be!

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Until next time,

XoXo, Rachelle

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