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Exercise + Colorful Diet = Superior Health

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Hello There, Beautiful People!

One of the reasons I pursued a Personal Training certification is because...I love exercise! And I love teaching people how to move in order to create a stellar body that is simultaneously armed to fight chronic disease.

Physical activity is incredible! Like phytonutrient intake, it's also a non-negotiable component in achieving health and beauty mastery. The health benefits (both physical & mental) associated with moving your body are incredible! My goal is to teach you how to exercise to tone your body and gain countless health benefits - such as as preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

But, there's something I want you to remember (and I think a lot of times people overlook this important concept) - - you can’t undo your diet with exercise! That’s not how it works. You may have been taught to use exercise to simply burn off calories consumed. My approach will NOT have you exercising to simply “burn off” that bread you ate.

Remember, that exercise is another tool, in addition to a healthy diet, that protects your body from aging, chronic disease, and...flabbiness!

Like I always say... if protection against heart disease doesn't excite you, then use protection against a flabby butt to get you moving!

I'll show you how to best work your body without spending hours in the gym. Most of us have little time to spend working out – and that is more than okay. Once you implement my dietary recommendations & incorporate more colorful plants, you'll start to see amazing body changes. Then, you can maximize workouts in a relatively short period of time and create the body of your dreams.

It's really all about a mindset shift. And, I'll help you adopt a new and healthy mindset towards both exercise and a healthful diet!

Until next time...
          XoXo, Rachelle

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