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Don't feel like exercising today? Just move more!

Move when you dont feel like exercising

Hello there Beautiful People,

If one of your goals is to stick around for as long as possible, then increasing any type of physical activity will help you achieve this. While healthcare practitioners strongly recommend structured physical activity as a means to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, we know now that increasing your overall movement can also help prevent early death. Awesome!

Yes, as a dietitian and personal trainer, I’ve always encouraged individuals to push themselves to reach new levels of fitness. Often, we can’t even imagine the things we are capable of until we push ourselves out of that complacent place called the comfort zone.

Generally, 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise is recommended for health benefits.  If you can get yourself to do 300 minutes per week of moderate intensity cardiovascular activity then you’re really upping the ante on heart disease prevention. But sometimes people just can’t meet this goal (time, motivation, etc.) . . .

That’s why it’s important to remember that simply moving more throughout the day is helpful to your health. SOME movement is definitely better than none. Movement includes things like taking the stairs, walking to the restroom farthest away from your desk, parking farther away from your destination - you see? Any way you can add in extra “steps” during your day is great.

And don’t forget - activity levels with low levels of intensity and duration can have a positive impact on your health. Don’t feel like doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? Go for a walk! Walking in nature is the best.

Now, parking far away from your destination isn’t my recommendation as your sole source of exercise. But, I want you to be cognizant of the many ways you can increase your overall physical activity throughout the day. Take the stairs. Walk to and from your lunch destination. Do 30 calf raises as a 3-minute break. Do something – do anything!

When it comes to exercise - something really is better than nothing. The little things add up!

Until next time…
XoXo, Rachelle

Rachelle Caves