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"Forks Over Knives" is a life-changer

Forks Over Knives Film changes lives

Hello there, Beautiful People!

I need to take a precious moment today and give props to the film Forks over Knives. I’m hereby encouraging you to watch it!

Although the documentary has been around since 2011, many people haven’t seen it yet. In short, the film illustrates the profound health benefits manifested when someone follows a whole-food, plant-based diet.

It especially shines a light on the outstanding benefits this way of eating has on cardiovascular health.

Whether you have a pressing health issue that you are currently dealing with such as heart disease or diabetes or you simply want to be ultra-healthy, I strongly recommend watching this film to get yourself super motivated. As I stress in my philosophy, once you realize just how much power you hold over your own health through what you choose to eat (amongst a few other factors), your life changes.

Once you watch the documentary, let all the information set in. Then, watch it again! I’ve seen it several times thus far. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the utter importance that our diet has on our health.

Remember, ignorance is not bliss. The more you know and learn about a subject – especially a topic so vital as your health – the more educated and motivated you’ll be to take charge of your health and life.

That's it for today, beautiful people!

Remember, knowledge is power.

Until next time…
XoXo, Rachelle

Rachelle Caves