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Not feelin’ the taste of veggies? Try this quick tip.

Try this tip if you don't like taste of vegetables.jpg

Hello there, Beautiful People,

We know that vegetables are superior food sources that protect our bodies from the inside out. But, what if you simply aren’t feelin’ the taste of them? I’ve got a simple and quick tip to alleviate this for ya.

In order to make veggies more appealing, you’ve got to add some (healthy) flavor. You don’t need excess salt, MSG, or the other lousy additives commonly found in prepared foods.

This is a simple concept, yet often overlooked. See, I didn’t grow up with an intrinsic love for veggies – especially green ones. Now look at me…I down green (i.e. green veggie- based) smoothies and juices like a champion. Don’t worry, we’ll focus on eating veggies today. Baby steps.

But when I eat veggies, whether it’s broccoli or leafy greens, etc., I definitely don’t sit down and eat them plain - without adding some zing to them. And, you don’t have to either. The best part of this recommendation is that you get a win-win. In addition to vegetables, herbs and spices pack some serious health benefits, including antioxidants - so you’re providing your temple (body) with a double-health hit. I love it!

So, spice ‘em up with one, or many of, the seasonings below. I promise there will be one that tickles your fancy.

My Favorite Vegetable Pick-Me-Ups:

  • Nutritional Yeast - I add this inactive yeast to everythang. It tastes cheesy, so it’s amazing when sprinkled on broccoli, potatoes, and salads. Not only does it taste amazing, it also offers a host of B-Vitamins, including Vitamin B-12. My favorite brand is, “Bragg’s.”

  • Garlic - There’s nothing like the real-deal, immune-boosting garlic. Mince fresh garlic for a health-boosting addition to any green veggie-based dish.

  • Onions - Add this chopped antioxidant-power house to baked or sauteed veggie dishes.

  • Turmeric- I’ve already discussed some of this yellow spice’s health benefits here ! I add this health-protector to all veggies & legumes. I have the yellow fingertips to prove it!

  • Balsamic Vinegar - This stuff is deeeee-lish! I add it to sautéed vegetables of all kinds. I especially like it on sautéed greens.

  • Oregano- Helloooo antioxidants! Add a pinch of this potent herb on top of your cooked veggies for a flavor & free-radical-fighting kick.

  • Cumin - I sprinkle this gem over everything (including roasted chickpeas and bean burgers). I can’t live without it. I mean it.

Okay! I hope you try one of the suggestions above with good results. Vegetables are much more appealing when you add healthy seasonings to them. This way, you get the flavor AND health benefits. Have an awesome day, wellness lovers!

Until next time... 
          XoXo, Rachelle

Rachelle Caves