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Cassia vs. Ceylon Cinnamon

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Cinnamon Health Benefits and Coumarin

Cinnamon rocks. I'm a huge fan. I put it in coffee, tea, and basically anything else I can get my hands on.  I personally love sprinkling cinnamon in my organic coffee grounds before brewing each morning. You can also add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your daily plant-based smoothie! It blends especially well with date-based smoothies.

It gives a sweet, but-not-sweet taste that provides health and beauty benefits. Well, most herbs and spices do!

My clients who have been diagnosed with Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes often inquire about the effects of cinnamon on blood sugar. And, consuming cinnamon regularly has been shown to help manage high blood sugar. It appears, however, that Cassia cinnamon (the most common in stores), is more effective at lowering blood sugar than Ceylon cinnamon.

Cassia and Ceylon Cinnamon
The two most common types of cinnamon are Cassia and Ceylon. Cassia cinnamon is most commonly seen in stores. This is the type of cinnamon I grew up using. It has a stronger cinnamon taste, in comparison to Ceylon. Perhaps that's why most people reach for it.

Cinnamon and Coumarin
While Cassia cinnamon yields positive health benefits such as better blood sugar control, it also contains a compound called "coumarin" that is toxic in high levels. This is one of the reasons why cinnamon supplements aren't a good idea. If you're consuming cinnamon daily, like me, and adding it to lots of things throughout the day in order to reap the health benefits, then you can try the switch to Ceylon cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon offers many health benefits as well. But, it doesn’t seem to have as much of a positive effect on blood sugar as Cassia. But, it still comes with tons of beautifying antioxidants.

If you're using culinary doses of Cassia cinnamon - then it's safe to keep doing so! I still mix it in with my ACV (apple cider vinegar) concoction when I remember.

Bottom Line: As alwaysI recommend consuming cinnamon in its’ real form.  A little goes a long way! I sometimes have a hard time with that concept (lol). And, avoid cinnamon supplements to avoid getting toxic levels of coumarin.

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