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Beautifying Bell Peppers

Hello there, Beautiful People! 

Bell Peppers: Anti-Aging to keep your skin beautiful.

Bell peppers serve as a flavorful addition to your phyto-rich diet. They're packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber to help you achieve optimal health and looks. Remember, it's okay to eat healthy in order to look better. 

Reap the Beautiful Benefits    
Naturally high in nutrients and fiber, but low in energy, bell peppers keep you full without affecting your waistline.  

Vitamin C
Red bell peppers, in particular, are an exceptional source of Vitamin C. We know this vitamin is crucial for proper collagen formation in the skin, thereby reducing the chance of premature wrinkling. Vitamin C also bolsters our immune system, keeping our bods running strong with the wear and tear of daily life.  

Vitamin B6
Bell peppers contain Vitamin B6, which is especially important in potentially reducing PMS symptoms. Awesome. This B-Vitamin also promotes a healthy nervous system. On the flip side, taking too much Vitamin B6 via supplemental form, can actually promote nerve damage. That's why you should always aim to get a wide variety of vitamin & minerals naturally in your diet.

My tip: Always base your snacks around produce to get the most nutritional bang for your buck. Cut-up some bell peppers and have them handy in your fridge. Dip them in some preservative-free hummus for a filling snack or even a small meal.

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