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An Apple a Day...

Hello there, Beautiful People!

An Apple a Day keeps your healthy and beautiful!

Today’s topic is…Apples. We often overlook the powers held in this little gem. 

Remember the old saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away?" There sure is a lot of truth to this, largely due to the awesome antioxidant content and fiber contained in apples. An apple a day (or more!) can also keep the body fat away, too!

A couple of Apple All-Stars

  • Quercetin - Found in the skin of apples (along with an array of other nutrients), quercetin is a flavonoid. It protects our precious DNA and may inhibit enzymes that promote tumor growth.
  • Fiber -A secret weapon, if you will, to staying full & achieving a healthy body weight. 
    Consuming an apple per day, which is incredibly easy to do, helps us achieve a healthy weight by keeping us full. 

Try adding 1 or 2 apples per day to your regimen and watch your overall intake decrease, naturally. My diet plans almost always include apples. The fiber content also makes apples an ideal snack for people with diabetes. Take note that apples contain soluble fiber. This kind of fiber helps to keep your blood sugar stable, stomach feeling physically fuller, and also normalize cholesterol levels. 

1 Medium Apple = approximately 4 grams dietary Fiber

My tip: Eat one apple per day as a snack between your meals. Vary the types of apples you eat to make sure you get all the different each has to offer! 

Rachelle Caves