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The Skinny on Fruit

Hello there, Beautiful People!


Let's all take a moment to appreciate the astounding beautifying and health benefits of nature's sweetener: FRUIT.

Fruit is, undoubtedly, one of nature's most perfect foods. 

I'm a huge proponent of all fruit - both fresh and frozen. Each kind has unique health benefits that help protect our bodies against everything from cancer to heart disease.

Many a times, I hear healthcare practitioners advise their clients to drastically limit and even avoid fruit. Most clients with whom I initially meet ask, “Won’t fruit make me gain weight?” My answer remains the same: NO! I have never in my life known anyone who's gained weight from eating fruit.

When you have fruit in conjunction with other nutritionally-void, low-fiber foods, like cereals, crackers, pastries, "healthy" granola bars, etc. - then, yes, you can be preventing yourself from losing weight in this sense. But the culprit is not the fruit. It's the other unhealthy, toxic junk that prevents you from losing weight. If you simply use fruit to satisfy carbohydrate cravings, you will see for yourself that weight loss ensues.

In fact, fruit has been shown to have anti-obesity effects!

All of the fruit-bashing makes me want to cry. Much of this mentality stems from the various low-carbohydrate diets that have emerged over the years as a quick means to lose weight. In the interest of time, I will give my 2 cents on the low-carb lifestyle at another time.

Having thyroid cancer, I make a point to consume lots of deeply-pigmented fruits in my diet. These are concentrated in antioxidants that have anti-cancer effects. Fruit is absolutely loaded with these protective compounds, and we should all be eating them daily!

Here are some of my favorite fruity-good benefits:

  • Fiber: Fruit is packed with gut-filling fiber. The more fiber-rich foods you consume, the less you eat overall. If you need to lose weight, start adding fruit in place of other sweets and I'm willing to bet you lose weight, if you need to.

  • Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients: Fruit contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that satisfy your body on a biochemical level. Once you satisfy your body on a biochemical level, your junk cravings significantly decrease.

    The phytonutrients in fruit also help arm our bodies for protection against chronic disease. The different colors found in fruit indicate the particular phytonutrient contained. Here a few examples: 

    -Red, Orange, Yellow: Carotenoids (function as antioxidants that fight free radical damage in your body) 
    -Red or Pink: Lycopene (protects against prostate cancer)
    -Green: Lutein & Zeaxanthin (protect your eyes) 

  • Water: Fruit contains water, which helps you feel more full when eating. Pair this high water content with fruits' fiber content, and voila! You end up eating less. 

  • Enzymes: Some refer to the naturally-occurring digestive enzymes in fruit as a "life force." These enzymes help facilitate digestion, leaving us feeling lighter and less bloated. Take my favorite fruit, pineapple, for example. It contains the enzyme "Bromelain" which helps digest protein & acts as an anti-inflammatory compound in our bodies. I feel super energized and lighter, overall, after eating my daily 1/2 pineapple.!

Bottom Line: Eat various colorful fruit, every single day, to lose excess weight, flood your body with cancer-fighting nutrients, and get glowing skin!

Until next time...

           XoXo, Rachelle

Rachelle Caves