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Are Cashews Healthy?

Hello there, Beautiful People!

Cashews have significant health benefits, including weight loss!

I'd like to take a moment to discuss one of the tastiest nuts out there: Cashews! Many people automatically label cashews as “bad” or "fattening," and often wonder if they offer any health benefits. 

The answer is, heck YES. Cashews are an awesome
addition to your healthy lifestyle. Their healthy fat content actually makes them super beneficial to your beauty and weight goals. Cashews contain the type of fats that we embrace in the Rachelle Caves way of eating.

Let's focus on the physique-enhancing (inside and out) benefits of cashews:

Healthy dose of the following minerals
Cashews offer a healthy dose of: Copper, Zinc, & Magnesium. These minerals help support healthy bone, nerve and muscle function.

Cashews contain phytonutrients called Proanthocyanidins. These powerful compounds are Flavanols that inhibit the ability of cancer cells to divide and multiply.

Plant Sterols
Cashews contain compounds called "plant sterols," that promote cardiovascular health and prevent stroke. 

Healthy Fats
Eating cashews is a great way to obtain your MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) and PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) fats. These fats actually protect your precious heart. T
hey also aid the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins: Vitamin A, D, E, & K.

Plant-Based Protein
Cashew nuts provide clean, healthy, plant-based protein.

One serving of cashews (1/4 cup) has about 5 grams protein, making it an ideal snack to keep you charging through the day.

Weight Loss
People who eat nuts tend to stay at a healthy weight naturally as compared to those who do not eat nuts. Personally, I eat nuts daily. I recommend my clients do so as well - especially those trying to lose weight. The satiating effects of the healthy fat and plant-based protein content in cashews is one of the main reasons they promote weight management.

How many cashews should you eat?

In my practice, I regularly recommend eating 1/4 cup daily. It's idea to alternate your cashew intake with other nuts as well, as each contains different and unique health-promoting benefits. 

-1 Ounce is generally the serving size for nuts
-18 Cashews = 1 Ounce

I recommend having one serving each day

Tip: Cashews work very well in salads with quinoa and dried fruit.

Until next time...     

          XoXo, Rachelle

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