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Crazy for Citrus!

Hello there, Beautiful People!

Citrus Fruit, such as Lemons and Limes, are amazingly good for you!

I hope your day is going great so far!

I love me some Citrus. I basically carry a lemon with me in my purse (to put in my water or tea, of course) when I'm on the go!

As I describe in detail on my website's tab entitled "Meet Rachelle," I discuss my personal driving forces for eating a high-nutrient diet. One of these driving forces is papillary thyroid cancer...

Did you know that lemons and limes play a role in fighting cancer? Oh yes!  Each time I use these bad boy fruits in my water, tea (a cancer fighter on its' own), or dishes (especially the rind) - I am protecting my body at a cellular level from the inside out.

And for those vanity-loving peeps out there - they also help protect your skin from wrinkles! I don't know about yourself, but, these things certainly matter to me.

As you might’ve ascertained by now, I’m a huge proponent of food functionality. When I eat or drink something, I always think, “what can this food or beverage do for me?”   Well loves, as I alluded to before, lemons and limes can certainly do a lot for us besides jazzing up the flavor in food and beverages. 

                                                                   Health Benefits
Lemons and limes are bursting with benefits. Here are a few of my favorite citrusy facts summed up:

Flavonol Glycosides  
A type of flavonoid (compound with strong antioxidant capabilities) contained in limes, these compounds may help induce cancer cell apoptosis (cell death) & act as an antibacterial agent.

Beautifying Vitamin C
Lemons & limes are both excellent sources of Vitamin C, the primary water-soluble antioxidant in our bodies. This lovely vitamin boosts our immune system and plays a large role in promoting beautiful skin. Vitamin C helps promote collagen synthesis, which ultimately helps our skin from wrinkling.

These guys are a fancy group of chemical compounds that are a type of Limonoid (a phytochemical). Limonins may help cancer cells from proliferating (growing). These powerful compounds stay in our blood for hours, in comparison to other antioxidants, which may help explain their potency.

This compound is mainly found in the rind of lemons & limes (and a little in their juice). Limonene may inhibit the detrimental effects of carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) in the body. If you smoke (which I really hope you don't), lemons and limes are particularly important for you, as limonene can help inactivate a nitrosamine carcinogen in cigarette smoke.

How to use:

  • Make a morning detox drink to jumpstart your day. Squeeze ½ lemon in a mug of warm water & add a dash of cinnamon

  • Infuse lemons and limes in a jug of water overnight to create your own natural vitamin water

  • Squeeze a fresh lemon or lime over cut-up apples or papaya to prevent browning/oxidation

  • Add a slice or two of lemon to hot or iced tea

  • Give your salad some pizazz by squeezing a fresh lemon over it

  • Mix lemon juice with freshly-chopped garlic & organic olive oil for a super-beautifying salad dressing

  • Squeeze a fresh lime over an avocado or guacamole (this is one of my favorites)!

On that note - Start adding these bad boys into your diet today. Remember, citrus fruits like lemons and limes, can add a great deal of beautifying and cancer-preventative benefits to your daily regimen. They taste great and are super easy to add into your diet! 


 Until next time... 

               XoXo, Rachelle

Rachelle Caves