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Broccoli does a Body Good

Hello there, Beautiful People!

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Forget the saying, "Milk does a body good." We don't have time for that in the beautiful world of plant-based goodness. Instead, we focus on one of the most perfect veggies out there: Broccoli.

Broccoli is the tree-like, green vegetable that falls into the "cruciferous" category. It is, hands down, one of the healthiest foods out there.  

Of course, if it’s’s got to be good for us, right?   

As a kid, you couldn't have paid me to eat broccoli. Then, as a new dietitian, I saw it as a very low-calorie food for clients to eat and "fill up on." Now, I recognize and love this green veggie for the extraordinary benefits it yields, including: DNA protection, cancer prevention, hormone-balance, beautiful skin, and smooth digestion.

Let me speak on that last health benefit. While it's true that if you're a broccoli novice, you might experience some gas or bloating after eating it, at first. You can significantly reduce the chances of feeling bloated and gassy by cooking your broccoli - preferably via steaming or sautéing it. Your digestive tract also becomes more equipped to digest cruciferous veggies the more regularly consume them.

Just like beans, the more you eat these fibrous foods, the better you tolerate 'em. 

Here's a few of its' bad-ass benefits:

  • Antioxidant powerhouse
    • Loaded with Vitamin C & Beta-Carotene - two components that help our bodies fight free radicals to the max and prevent wrinkles 
  • Boosts our immune systems
  • Acts as an intestinal broom due to high fiber content  
  • Aids liver detoxification
  • Contains Sulforaphane - a potent phytochemical that prevents cancer and may help ameloriate obesity 
  • Contains Indole-3-carbinol which helps remove excess estrogen from the body (especially important for those of us with estrogen-dominance or endometriosis)
  • Helps prevent cancer (especially breast and colon cancer) 

Remember, to thorughly release all of the antioxidants in broccoli, you must thoroughly chew, blend, or finely chop it!

Quick tip: Make raw broccoli an appetizing and blood-sugar stabilizing snack by dipping it in some fiber-rich hummus.

Until next time... 

            XoXo, Rachelle


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