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Calming & Healing Music

Calming, Healing, Meditation Music

Hello there, Beautiful People!


A calm and healthy mind is one of the most important aspects to achieving excellent health, energy, and even appearance. I didn't learn this while studying nutritional biochemistry in college. I had to figure this one out on my own through research.

Listen to calming music to achieve optimal health and weight
Stress can ruin our health and waistline. It's so important to get it under control. 

When stress levels are high, it's more difficult to manage weight, blood sugar, and opt for healthy food choices during the day.

I recommend you start incorporating healthy, stress-relieving techniques in conjunction with healthy diet & exercise. You have nothing to lose here - except fat-promoting stress! 

One simple, yet very effective stress-busting technique I discovered over the past year is listening to calming, meditation music. The results for myself were instantaneous. I've also recommended it as a method to numerous clients who complain of constant stress. They have told me, time and time again, that it helped them relax and ultimately make better diet choices throughout their day. 

I remember thinking one day while listening to the Zen-like music and cleaning, "man, how did I ever go without listening to this in the past?" I listen to it on my speaker while showering, driving, or doing household tasks. If I want to engage in super-relaxation, I play the beautiful music on my headphones while I'm sitting or lying down. 

Where to find it
So where do you get the calming, meditation music? I either buy the songs off of iTunes or I go to YouTube & play the "music video" (which usually consists of beautiful and calming pictures of the ocean or nature). 

One of my personal, favorite artists is, "Peder B. Helland." Search youtube for his music and you'll be stress-relieved in no time. 

I hope this tip helps you on your wellness journey. One day at a time. 

Next time you're up blending your green plant-based smoothie, play some calming meditation music to feed your beautiful mind. 

Until next time...

          XoXo, Rachelle

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