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Here's why I love Carrots and Carrot Juice

Carrots and Carrot Juice are anti-aging superfoods that fight cancer

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If you’ve read my website content and previous blog posts, you can ascertain that I strongly recommend eating colorful foods. The more colorful the food, the more antioxidants and phytonutrients are present.

Now keep in mind, phytonutrients aren’t the only important health-building component in plant-based foods, but they are so noteworthy because of their potential to protect our beautiful bodies from harmful free radical damage.

And, having thyroid cancer, my own nutrition goal that I've set for myself is to flood my body with as many food sources of antioxidants as possible. Carrots and carrot juice are simply chock full of them!

Carrots, being super-charged with that beautiful orange pigment, are full of “Carotenoids." These bad boys are phytonutrients that act as antioxidants in the body. They're responsible for carrots' orange hue.

Although I'd love to list every single nutrient found in carrots for all the wellness lovers out there - I will stick to my top 3 (listed below).

Top 3 Carrot & Carrot Juice Benefits

1 – Beta-Carotene          

Carrots are high in the famous Carotenoid (a phytonutrient) called “Beta Carotene." This is a precursor to Vitamin A. In this sense, Beta-Carotene bolsters our immune function, fights free radical damage, protects our eyesight (yes, that old saying is true), and protects against cancer. Yes!

2- Peeper Protection

Carrots notably contain three powerful antioxidants that provide ultra protection for your peepers: Beta-Carotene, Lutein, & Zeaxanthin. Vitamin A is essential for optimal eye health. Carrots contain Vitamin A in the form of Beta-Carotene, as I just mentioned. But when you throw in the phytonutrients Lutein & Zeaxanthin, as well, you're providing your eyes with uber protection against age-related vision problems (such as macular degeneration) and night blindness. Note that spinach takes the cake for a high lutein & zeaxanthin content.

1 Cup Carrots = 400% of your daily Vitamin A requirement

3–High in that good stuff: FIBER

Carrots help sweep our digestive tract clean of all the bad stuff due to their high fiber content. In addition to cleaning up our GI tracts, fiber also promotes a healthy weight. Have you ever eaten raw or well-done carrots and noticed that you feel FULL? This is because carrots' high fiber content fills your stomach, with the result of eating less throughout the day.

1 Cup Carrots = 3.6 grams Fiber (approximately)


You can either eat the carrots raw or steamed or juice them to you hearts’ galore. Juicing extracts large amounts of nutrients that are easily assimilated by the body. The only downfall is the fiber is stripped out during the juicing process. Carrot juice (the real thing, not with added sugary stuff), is perfectly FINE to consume by my standards. It’s sweeter than green-veggie juices, but so what? It’s a little naturally-occurring carbohydrate from a natural, nutrient-dense plant! I actually recommend getting your sweet fix as much as possible from veggies and fruits. This is key – trust me.

Tip: If you’re not into eating carrots (like me), then use Carrot Juice as the liquid base for smoothies!

Rachelle Caves